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Welcome to the CNETT Online Marketplace!
Your space to build relationships!

The CNETT ONLINE MARKETPLACE is MORE THAT JUST ADVERTISING! It is a dynamic administrator-regulated forum where you can promote and shop for goods and services offered by businesses operating in alignment with conscious principles.

Through our screening process steeped in best practices, you too can become one of our valued associates and promote your products and services as well as browse our network for complementary support for your personal and business needs.



Send an expression of interest via the CNETT Contact Us page and we will send you the application and assessment forms.

Submit the completed application and assessment forms. All applications will be reviewed for compliance with the CNETT Standards.

Upon approval, pay the membership fee.

Do you have a mission with a business?

Answer these key questions to clarify your personal mission, your business idea and your business model.
Business Model Assessment

Conscious Business Principles

This instrument is designed to measure the level of consciousness within the business in alignment with the Conscious Business Declaration. Our team can help you plan for an emerging future.
Conscious Business Principles Assessment


Our intention is not to reinvent the wheel
but to make you a relevant part of it.


Alice Street, Curepe. Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
+1 868-464-4869