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There is an emerging future based on alliances of like-minded people and businesses who are connecting and collaborating to create new business models in every arena. Some of the established global businesses who have gone beyond 'business as usual' and financial profits at any cost include:


  • Unilever for consumer goods
  • Westpac for banking and financial services
  • Greystone Bakery for food
  • Eileen Fisher for apparel
  • Natura for personal care
  • Tennant Company for industrial machinery
  • Nucor for heavy industry
  • Novo Nordisk for pharmaceuticals and
  • Tata as a diversified conglomerate



This is YOUR opportunity to join CNETT and be a part of the future of business as we focus on prosperity for all stakeholders. This emerging Business Model provides a keen competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.


These specialized micro and small enterprises (MSEs) which operate in niche markets make up more than 90% of businesses. They are the backbone of developing economies and provide invaluable support as first responders to societal needs by creating employment and managing resources in an ever-changing world.

CNETT can work with you using our client-focused blended programme of conventional and new ideas in strategic planning to help you create and grow your business.


In alignment with Conscious Principles, we recognize and accept that a business is an extension of who we are and our personal vision and mission. Creating conscious and flourishing business, therefore begins within. Using traditional mindfulness practices integrated with core business principles, CNETT can support and guide you to achieve your personal and business goals.


Our intention is not to reinvent the wheel
but to make you a relevant part of it.


Alice Street, Curepe. Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
+1 868-464-4869