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Bibi Shanaz Ali
Creative Strategist
Managing Director

Conscious Business Change Agent;
Country Representative for Humanity’s Team;
Law of Attraction Life Coach;
Creator of the Life Canvas Programme.


Throughout my academic career, I learnt and accepted that businesses have missions. It was incredibly liberating when I recognized my OWN truth…that I had a MISSION WITH A BUSINESS.

Using an ever-unfolding understanding of traditional mindfulness practices integrated with core conscious business principles and emerging ideas in strategic thinking, I developed and I am offering my LIFE CANVAS PROGRAMME. This personal and business coaching programme can provide you with guidance and support. Together we will journey and clarify with acceptance and joy, YOUR mission as a FLOURISHING business.

I hold a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Ph.D. in Plant Science. Throughout my life journey, I have remained focused and committed to continuous learning and the expansion of my competencies and creation of a strong network of alliances to achieve my mission.



Empowering rural and urban women and youth to become flourishing global citizens.

Development of sustainable livelihoods and decent work for all through the development of conscious micro and small businesses.

Natural resource conservation and climate change mitigation.


Our intention is not to reinvent the wheel
but to make you a relevant part of it.


Alice Street, Curepe. Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
+1 868-464-4869