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Conscious Business Principles Assessment 1 of 7

This instrument is designed to measure the level of consciousness within the business in alignment with the Conscious Business Declaration. We recognize that this is a journey and we encourage you to be honest with yourself in this exercise so that you can continue to measure your progress over your time with us.

This information will be made available for public reading as it provides your potential client with the evidence needed to make a decision to support your offering as a conscious business.

The information used to develop this form is taken from the Conscious Business Declaration with the kind permission of Humanity’s Team.

Rating scale: (0 = no plan yet; 5 = functional plan that can be executed)



CNETT Disclaimer:

  1. CNETT operates in good faith and with good intentions to support the development and expansion of the SMEs on our Online MarketPlace.
  2. The information on each service provider was accepted as true at the time of submission.
  3. CNETT accepts no responsibility for service providers that may have misrepresented themselves.